Cheryl Lohrmann,
Executive Director
Create Plenty

A historic opportunity:

Portland is poised to become a national leader in the teaching of climate literacy and justice. Thank-you to the PPS School Board for adopting the country's most far-reaching policy on teaching climate justice in the school.


In my testimony before the school board, I call on them to imagine:

The High School Environmental Leadership Project (HELP):

Create Plenty is embarking on an ambitious three-year plan to implement the resolution in all nine of Portland's high schools. We can’t leave climate education and justice to chance. We, the community, must collaborate with the school district. This will involve all our voices and talents. That is our vision for HELP.

What you can do to help:

How can you, as a parent, community leader or business person help?

Together, we can help create a world where, no matter what field of study is chosen, taking care of the earth, keeping it livable is not someone else’s problem, but everyone’s challenge.

Please join us!

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CHERYL LOHRMANN - Executive Director: It began when she read Garbageland by Elizabeth Royte. In 2007, she started Leave No Plastic Behind which later became became Create Plenty and eventually the High School Environmental Leadership Program.

SU-WEN CHEN has a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and has worked designing consumer products for mass production. She hopes to use her design and manufacturing experience to find a solution to waste instead of contributing to it.

AMY CHOVNICK is an adjunct faculty at Las Positas Community College where she teaches an ecology course called Humans and The Environment. She holds a Master of Science in Applied Molecular Biology and worked in the Biotech industry for over 18 years. She is also a volunteer project leader for a local 4H club.

SAL FARUQUI has years of experience in the high technology and medical devices industries. He started his career at Tektronix then joined Coopers & Lybrand where his clients included Intel. He later started a consulting firm whose clients include Columbia Sportswear and others.

ALEXIS THOMPSON: An environmental activist while attending Portland Public Schools, Alexis has a BS in Environmental Science & Community Development. Her work includes sustainable community organizing in Baton Rouge, Paraguay, and Honduras plus a stint as a Waste Reduction Educator for Metro.

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